I lost my bottle! Can I go and look for it?
If you think you have dropped something on stage, please do not go looking for it yourself. Let a marshal know and they will radio for someone to check for you as soon as they can. When the stage is closed a marshal will walk down the stage and check again for any lost items on the track. You must complete the race, wait for the stages to be closed and hand in your transponder before going to look for anything.
Are start times from the arena or the start of stage 1?

All start times are from the arena.

What category am I in?

Please go here for category information.

My chain broke half way down a stage, can I have a re-run?
No. Re-runs are only permitted at the discretion of the organisers following a stage closure due to a serious incident.
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on leads in the arena. No animals are permitted anywhere on the racecourse.
[insert name] isn’t coming, can I take their slot/number?
No, sorry. Each rider is allocated a specific number and "swaps" can lead to timing and point discrepancies.
Transfers are, however, available up to 7 days prior to the event.
Please see Section 14 of our race rules for more information.
Is camping available?
Free camping is usually available the night before, depending on the event.
Please keep up to date with our announcements on here and social media for information on specific events.
Can I come and watch?
Absolutely. If you wish to be a spectator on race day, make sure you watch at a safe distance and in a safe spot. Marshals can advise you on the best places to be on the racecourse.
How can I get involved?
If you fancy helping out on race day, why not consider being a marshal?
You can download a sample copy of the Marshal Brief here. (Subject to change per event).

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please get in touch: ed@southwestenduroseries.co.uk