1. Race Format

Mountain Bike Enduro is the ultimate test of a rider’s talents; it challenges their technical skills, physical ability and stamina. The racecourses at our events consist of multiple descent-based stages, with transition routes between them. Each rider is given a unique start time. The times are not strict but riders must stay in their category time slots and with a 20 second gap between each rider on stage. If a rider is concerned about catching up another rider, a 40 second gap will be allowed.

Racers in the Cross Country are given a number of laps to complete as well as their spacing loop. The amount of laps having to be completed by each racer is determined by their age category.

Downhill riders make their own way to the top of the hill to get to the front of the starting line. Every racer completes two race runs with the best time is counted in the overall.

2. Bike

Stages during racing must be contested on the same bike. Unless you have entered more than one category. There is scope for set-up change between practice race day, however, the same chassis, suspension forks, rear shock, wheels and cockpit must be used for all stages during racing.

Bikes must be of a sound mechanical order and have no electronically or mechanically assisted motors (unless an Ebike). Bar end plugs or equivalent must be fitted.

Any rider not adhering to this cannot ride the course or start the race.

If you have entered 2 categories, you will only be issued one timing chip at a time. You must return the first chip before receiving the second.

The use of EBikes are only for those riders entered into the EBike category.
Ebikes are to pedalec (Epacs) only and limited to 15.5 mph and to have no more than a 250 watt motor.

3. Categories

Categories are determined by the age you will be turning this year. For example, if you are currently 39 and having your 40th birthday this season, you should enter into the Veteran category rather than Masters. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

EBike (Enduro only)
Male U14 (Ages 12-13)
Male U18 (Age 14-17)
Male Senior (Ages 18-29)
Male Master (Ages 30-39)
Male Veteran (Ages 40-49)
Male Grand Vet (Ages 50+)
Male Elites (Enduro & Downhill)
Hardtail (Enduro & Downhill)

Male Fun (18+)
Female U14 (Ages 12-13)
Female U18 (Age 14-17)
Female Senior (Ages 18-29)
Female Master (Ages 30-39)
Female Veteran (Ages 40-49)
Female Grand Vet (Ages 50+)
Female Fun (18+)

4. Safety Equipment

Helmets are compulsory and must carry a Snell, Kite mark or EN 1078. They must be worn at all times while riding and be secured properly at all times.

If a rider is seen without their helmet on a transition whilst on their bike, a penalty will be imposed. 1st offence - verbal warning and will be recorded. 2nd offence -disqualification.

A full-face helmet is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended.

Full-length gloves are advised. Body armour is highly recommended.

Shoulders should be covered by at least a T-shirt or long sleeve top. No vests please.

Personal insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended.

 5. Cameras/GoPros

Cameras/GoPros can be mounted on the top or side of the helmet but never under the helmet's peak.

Helmet cameras are only allowed if fixed using a detachable factory fitted mount supplied by the helmet manufacturer.

No chest mounts or cameras are to be worn anywhere on the body.

The rider is solely responsible for securing the fixation of the camera in order to avoid risk of danger or distraction.

6. Media (Photographers/Videographers)

Public Liability Insurance (minimum £2 million) is mandatory if you wish to take photographs or video commercially at one of our events.

Let us know in advance that you will be attending the event to take photographs or video.


You must sign in by letting a team member know you are present and give your contact details.

Whilst on the racecourse, be safe and sensible, keep yourself and your equipment behind the race tape at all times, and away from obvious crash zones.

Media must wear high-vis jackets at all times on course. These can be borrowed from a team member at the Marshal point if you do not have one and must be returned before the event end.

When reporting on the event in print and online, you must credit us with the correct title (eg. the South West Kenda Enduro) at least once in the report.

Anyone taking photographs or video commercially at one of our events, has read these conditions and fully understands the nature of the event and the risks and potential dangers of the sport.

7. Sign On

All competitors must sign on by providing a signature, collecting their designated number board from a team member and collecting a timing chip (transponder). Timing transponders must be fitted in the correct way and handed back when your race is complete.


Number boards must be fixed to front of bike before riding the course.

Please do not tamper with, modify or deface the number boards in any way. Failure to comply with this will result in a penalty.

Race boards can be taken home when the race is finished.

8. Race Course

Stages will be taped where it is deemed appropriate. Taping will leave suitable line choices where possible but it will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of the race track. Where course tape is only present on the outside of a corner, this marks the route. It is not open to inside or homemade lines. Two pieces of tape on either side of the track is deemed “a gate” and must be passed through. Any competitor seen to be crossing stage tape, marker posts or taking any route deemed to be off the official race track, will be penalised.

There must be no interference with the track such as removing rocks, roots or branches (unless there is an inherent safety risk to following riders). Any competitor deemed to be interfering with the track will be penalised.

Creative line choice is allowed, however, creating your own trail/line is not allowed.

If a marshal witnesses or receives unbiased witness evidence, the rider will be penalised. 2 riders (not from the same team) who witness another rider taking a short-cut may report the rider with his/her and their number to the nearest official/marshal, stating where the offence took place. Penalties will be judged on the amount of time gained plus a set penalty decided by the marshal or official team member.

If you have to stop please leave the race course as soon as possible.

In the days leading up to the race, trails will be taped and signed as work is being carried out. For your own safety and for the safety of the trail crew team, please do not ride on any stages that are closed and being worked on.

9. Transitions

The organisers will mark out a link between stages and a set time to reach the next stage. It is important to use the marked link so we can trace riders in case of emergency or injury.


Any rider seen off the linking stage may incur penalties.

An event map will be available online and at the sign on tent, it is recommended that you take a photo of it for your own reference.

10. Penalties

There are no time penalties for being late. You will have a start time for each stage that you must adhere to. If you are late you will be slotted in at the earliest opportunity without causing interference to riders who are on time.


Stages will close 5 minutes after the last seeded rider has finished the stage. 


Penalties exist for not wearing your helmet and cutting transitions.
1st offence - verbal warning. 2nd offence - disqualification.

A second breach of any rule by a competitor will result in a harsher penalty, the organisers can also eliminate a rider from the remaining rounds of the series.

Stage finishes will close 5 minutes after the stage start closes… any runs completed outside of this time will not be counted.

11. Protest

Protests against the result or disqualifications should be addressed to the Event Organiser within the 15 minutes following the end of the race.

12. General

There is a duty of care to your fellow rider, if you witness an incident please stop and help as best you can, re-runs will be allowed in this scenario. If a stage is cancelled due to an incident, all complete runs for that stage up to the point will count.

Come prepared with everything you will need during the day; spare clothes, plenty of water, food, something to sit on, a first aid kit etc.


We take great pride in our attitude towards land and wildlife. Help us keep areas of natural beauty, natural and beautiful by taking any litter with you or using the bins provided. We endeavor to leave all sites free from rubbish, waste and refuse.

No uplifting of competitors is allowed, if seen, you will be disqualified from the event and a possible multiple race ban may be applied.

In the days leading up to the race, trails will be taped and signed as work is being carried out. For your own safety and for the safety of the trail crew team, please do not ride on any stages that are closed and being worked on.




13. Conduct

Competitors must behave in good sporting fashion, observe and comply with all rules and instructions provided by event organisers, timing staff and marshals.

Should you be caught-up by another rider on a stage, you must pull off the racing line to allow a safe passing move. The pursuing rider must give clear audible notice of which side they intend to pass by. For example, the pursuing rider may shout “Rider Left!” allowing the rider in front to move to the right.

Any rider coming across an incident on stage that he/she deems serious, must stop immediately and inform the nearest marshal.

Verbal abuse aimed at any of the event team will not be tolerated. Any such action will result in an on the day penalty. The organisers may also impose a restriction from future events.

14. Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel or transfer a booking please note the following cancellation conditions.

Please read all terms and conditions carefully; we are not responsible for wrongly read or misunderstood correspondence, regardless of age. By registering to attend an event, you have confirmed that you have read and understood the following.

Tickets are refundable up to 28 days before the day of the race. Transfer requests up to 7 days before the day of the race are applicable for any remaining events in that year. All refunds will be repaid to the same card that was used to purchase the ticket and are subject to a non-refundable £15 admin fee per entry. Any refund or transfer requests must be sent to and include the full name, race category and race name of the current rider registered, as well as the new details (full name, DOB, category, mobile and email address) of the rider to be transferred to. Please note, we cannot deal with any refund/transfer requests by phone, text or through social media. Any requests within 7 days or less of the event, will not be responded to. Remember, you cannot swap your entry with another rider and anyone found doing so may be banned from any future events/races.

If the South West Enduro Series is prevented (directly or indirectly) from performing any of its obligations under the entry agreement by reasons of weather, strikes, trade disputes, breakdowns, government/political action, interruption of transport, acts of war, terrorism, or any other reasons outside of our control, then the South West Enduro Series will be under no liability whatsoever to you and may cancel or postpone an event. If the event is cancelled/postponed we will not be liable any costs/expenses that may be incurred. It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before traveling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled/postponed via email and social media platforms. We do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you with the details that you have provided. If the event is cancelled we are unable to refund or part refund any entry fee, or transfer your entry to another event.

If the event is postponed we will advise via email and social media, If you are unable to attend the re-scheduled event we will offer a time limited period of 7 days from the announcement for refunds, all of which will be subject to the terms and conditions stated above.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you are kept up to date.

COVID-19: In the circumstances where an event should have to be cancelled due to Covid-19, all participants will be refunded, in full. If you are personally unable to attend due to covid-19 (testing positive or having to self-isolate) we can only offer a refund inline with the previously stated terms.

15. Responsibilities

This is a Mountain Bike Race, there is an inherent risk to those competing. Entry to the event warrants acceptance of the risk to you and other people. Riders attend the event on their own account and at their own risk. The rider is responsible for the safety of his bike and clothes. Personal insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended. The organisation is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and/or damages as results of any action during the event, or during practice for the event. Online entry to the event constitutes full understanding of the risks involved in Mountain Bike Racing. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any rider in breach of any of these regulations. This agreement starts with the purchase of a ticket. The organisation reserves the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the event due to safety problems at any time, official orders, government laws or other unforeseen events, (weather) etc.

The organisers will endeavour to give all entrants a time derived from the electronic timing chip system provided. However, they are not responsible for the timing. This falls on the timing company. In the event of no times for the event we cannot provide any refunds


16. Data Protection Act 1998

By submitting an application to take part in an event, the participants also allow the event organisers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events subject to current GDPR guidelines. The personal data and entry specific information you supply, will be used by the event organisers for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, for emergency situations, and for maintaining membership information. We will not pass your data on to any other third party, unless lawfully advised to do so. Credit and debit card details are held solely by the Payment Service Provider and are not known to the event organisers. The organisers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures of the participants; to forward these photos to press representatives and to use them for commercial and marketing purposes. The event organisers retain the right to change the rules, terms and conditions as they see fit.

17. Waiver of Liability

Every rider understands and admits that his participation in the event is voluntary. He/she assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages from his/her participation in, or practice for, the event. The rider recognises and understands that mountain biking and the activities associated with this event may be hazardous, that their participation is solely at their own risk and that they assumes full responsibility for any resulting injuries and damages that may occur. Every rider affirms that they are in good health and declares that they are physically fit and capable to participate in the event. Every rider understands it can be a strenuous day out with significant amounts of climbing and distance to be cycled in order to complete the course.

Every rider has to acknowledge that he/she has read and understand this entire waiver of liability and agrees to be legally bound by it.


(Sample) Marshal Brief

Download and read the Marshal Brief if you fancy helping out on race day.

Please note, brief is subject to change per event.

Last Updated: 15/09/21